Chemical Treatment Processes for a Cleaner Environment

Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) has provided innovative, highly cost-effective, catalyzed chemical oxidation processes for treatment of contaminated soil, sludge, and wastewater since 1994. The unique VTX catalyst, in combination with a variety of oxidants, allows for the treatment of a wide variety of recalcitrant chemicals, including pesticides, chlorinated organics, MtBE, 1,4 Dioxane and many others. Additionally, the process has proven to be particularly effective for rapid treatment of sulfide related odor issues and is currently being used for this application at large industrial and municipal treatment facilities across the U.S.


AOT News Feed:

8/18/2014 - Recent "Science" article describes the significant threat sulfide-related corrosion can pose on the $1 Trillion US sewer system. The good news: "The problem is largely preventable by eliminating sulfate". AOT chemistry is the ideal solution for sulfide treatment. Article here..

11/8/13 - Advanced Oxidation Technology is pleased to share a video demonstrating the effectiveness of the VTX catalyst at generating powerful Hydroxyl Radicals for the purpose of oxidizing a pollutant textile dye

Textile Dye Oxidation from Jefferson Cox on Vimeo.

6/18/2013 - Successful VTX implementation in Frankfort, Ky (home to Jim Beam Bourbon) recognized by The State Journal. Sewer Director Bill Scalf "very pleased"; estimates 75-80% or more drop in odor complaints. Check the article out here..

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