Demonstrated and proven approach for the treatment of groundwater

Since heat and pressure generation is a primary concern for in situ groundwater treatment using oxidation techniques, AOT products are available in a variety of concentrations to compliment the strength of the oxidizing agent selected for injection.  The concentration match for the selected oxidizing agent injectate is designed to utilize the potential within the oxidizing agent for maximum generation of free radicals for degrading the target contaminants.

Because AOT products are utilized at or near neutral pH, there is no need to adjust pH within the groundwater.  Additionally, the adverse affect of carbonate present within soil and groundwater on the efficiency of the process is dramatically reduced by our catalyzed approach.

Advanced Oxidation Technology, Inc. has a working relationship with qualified service and hydro-geologic distributors who provide for injection of our components if you do not have that capability. While the technique is easily conducted in the field, experienced contractors can make the difference in assuring a successful project.