Destruction of sulfide related odors

AOT Products can treat a variety of compounds, but perhaps the very best thing they do is oxidize hydrogen sulfide and sulfonated organic chemicals known to cause lethal odors in wastewater treatment.  The cost for control of these substances is low which is why our catalysts are being used by dozens of municipalities and industrial wastewater generators across the US and abroad.  On site testing at municipal wastewater plants have shown the efficiency of destruction to be so high that it allowed for cost savings in a comparative study against chlorine, calcium nitrate, thioguard, iron salts, ozone and others.  Further, the destructive reaction kinetics are quite rapid with a 100 ppm solution of hydrogen sulfide being 80% reacted in the first minute and completely oxidized in less than 5 minutes.

Application is straightforward – the process simply requires metering of the catalyst with the oxidizing agent into the targeted wastewater with adequate mixing and the correct pH.  The reaction occurs quickly thereafter.

Since the treatment occurs at or near neutral pH, there is no need for expensive equipment of special construction for metering the catalyst.  Metering of the oxidizing agent component typically requires a commonly available PVC or polyethylene metering pump.

Importantly, there are no compounds within our products that would cause concern for corrosion of piping.