Deep experience in large scale wastewater treatment challenges 

The AOT treatment process can be employed in a variety of ways and is easily adaptable to existing wastewater treatment systems.   The process treats a wide variety of organic chemicals including a long list of chlorinated solvents, pesticides and other recalcitrant chemicals.  It has also been used effectively for treating odors associated with hydrogen sulfide which is known to cause significant corrosion of concrete and metal infrastructure and can be lethal when it persists at high concentrations in the air.

The AOT process is very simply applied in wastewater treatment.  The process requires a correct injection of one of our patented catalyst and a variety of oxidizing agents such as calcium, magensium, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, persulphate or halogenated compounds, brief mixing and adequate retention time using minimal equipment.  The contact time for the oxidation process to occur is short, usually well under 3 hours.

The AOT Process can replace existing oxidative wastewater treatment systems of any size.  Out systems treatment systems are often more efficient and provide for lower cost than competing oxidation treatment systems.